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Agent Sasha Nein
08 May 2006 @ 07:51 pm
Dear Journal:

Winter has finally subsided and you know what that means. Another summer at Whispering Rock. I decided to begin a chronicle of my life, partially to release the stress the job constitutes, and partially to serve as a dire warning to any future counselors.

How I got Agent Vodello to convince me to do this, I will never know. Possibly I was in the midst of some sort of brief and unnoticeable mental seizure when she first proposed it.

In any case, after last year’s unfortunate Electric Drill Incident, I realized that there must be a better way to focus my stress. Shattering the delicate psyche of the students is only briefly rewarding, and I suspect that people know that I’m the one who has been blasting their breakables into pieces. Not that I feel any remorse whatsoever. Who takes breakables to a summer camp, honestly? Besides, most ceramics are so tacky. If people showed a little more practicality, maybe I wouldn’t be forced to blow them up. And what’s the point is having the ability to blow things up with your mind if you can’t use it for the greater good?

Fortunately, camp doesn’t begin until the end of May, so I still have time to work with my equipment, which is more predictable and stable than any student I’ve ever taught. I’m fairly excited about my newest experiment. Not to toot my own horn, but if successful, I’ll be able to create a network of consciousness amongst psychics, which has incredible potential in terms of making our work with one another more efficient. Despite what Agent Vodello claims, I do not see any potential for turning any part of the Brain Tumbler into “a really big karaoke machine.”

~Agent Nein.
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Listening to: G. Verdi